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Having 30 years experience with food, people and private homes, I possess a level of maturity, stability and work ethic that is exceptional. My formal education began in a strict apprenticeship program at the Hotel General Patton in southern Germany, progressing through periods of high end restaurant restaurant work and deep travel around the world; embracing the value of the kitchens, markets, farms and family tables.


My kitchen skills draw upon inspiration from around the world, as well as classic comfort foods from Europe and the Americas.


My appearance and punctuality is unfailingly professional. Kitchen hygiene and organization are my top priorities.


My appreciation of global cuisines have informed my views on sustainability and the path from farmer to market, with an emphasis on regional and seasonal preparations.


Rather than rest on the merits of my extensive track record I continue to learn and expand my knowledge and skills, from languages to electronic applications and managing modern homes.


Most importantly I have maintained a history of trustworthiness, consistency and dedication to my clients.


I am available for short or long term placement.


I have an impeccable resume and references, as well as letters of recommendation. A PDF of prices and services is available upon request.


Additional Information


Proactive and good with people


100% Job attendance record


Nutrition conscious cooking



2)gluten free


4)diabetic requirements

5)detoxification programs


Religious diet awareness


Speak acceptable Spanish, French, German


Computer Literate -Mac and PC


Food and Wine pairing/Wine Cellar Management


Pet care and training


Advanced Photographic skills (inventory of valuables, parties, special moments etc)


CIA Security Clearance


CPR Trained/Drug Test ready


Clean Driving/Criminal record


Eagle Scout


Proficient in floral arranging


Keen eye for design and detail






No tattoos, piercings or attitude.

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