Chef William with the giant Paella pan

"...his seafood paella was perhaps the best one I've ever had."


Lucy Waverman

Food Columnist  Globe and Mail Toronto Canada

The Paella si! is an Elevated Spanish dining experience beginning when the Chorizo "Bilbao" hits the warm Spanish olive oil in the middle of the giant caldera flat pan.  Soon a comforting aroma brings your guests together into a creative circle of sizzling meats, seafood and saffron. The tomato-onion "Sofrito" and delicate " Bomba" rice is added, along with rich broths and vegetables as anticipation builds...truly a unique focus to any party! 

This is a Paella utterly top-heavy with proteins-different from the Paellas in Spain.

I source my Paella ingredients from Spain, including Bomba rice, Piquillo Peppers, Saffron, Chorizo Bilbao

Seafood Paella $75 pp

Chorizo "Bilbao",  "Bomba" Rice, 

Lobster Tail,  Saffron,

Pacific Scallops,    Asturias White Beans,

Shrimp(Baja, Mexico),

Penn Cove Mussels,     Littleneck Clams,    Spanish Octopus,    Squid,    Sofrito,

Artichokes, Chickpeas, Scallions, 

Organic Green Salad, Parmesan Tuile , 

hot, crusty Baguettes and

soft European Butter

Chorizo and Chicken Paella $65 pp  

Chorizo "Bilbao" "Bomba" Rice,  

Chicken, Asturias White Beans, Sofrito, Artichokes, Chickpeas, Scallions,  

Organic Green Salad, Parmesan Tuile ,

hot, crusty Baguettes

and soft European butter

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A glass of iced,classic Barcelona-style Vermut $12 pp
Hand Made Artisanal Sangria $25 pp
Served All Night  

"William prepared an amazing paella dish for a friend's 75th birthday dinner. Fourteen of us were treated to a special evening which included watching William create this incredible meal on the patio over an open flame and serve it with a smile in the dining room. Every bite was better than one before. Truly an exceptional experience!"

Tim T.  

Indian Wells CA



Please Note- Any combination of multiple Paellas cooked at a single event are priced at $75 per person. This priced reflects the complex logistics and additional labor during the event.
I create the exact number of lobster, scallops,shrimp according to the number of Seafood Paellas ordered. Mixing and matching with other paellas can result in less seafood per plate.
I create a Chicken Chorizo Paella with the exact number of chicken legs ordered.Mixing and matching with other paellas can result in less Chicken per plate.